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1) Indian Marka

Address: B1, Guanggu World Center Plaza, Luoyu Road, optics valley, Hongshan District, Wuhan,China

Local name 印度玛咖餐厅

Local address 洪山区珞瑜路光谷世界城广场负一楼

Phone number: 027-87776096

2) Indian Marka

Address: 7F002, Luojia Creatire City (Near New world department Store), Jie Dao Kou


Phone number: 027-8788842

3) Indian Marka

Address: 4-13-08-SU, LIVAT Shopping Center, Wuhan (Near to IKEA Wuhan Store)


Phone number: 027-83387787

4)  The Red Pepper Restaurant 

Address: Chuhe Han Street MTR Station Exit C Road Food City