Wuhan nightlife

Wuhan nightlife is very attractive. Feel free to join locals in a glamorous night world.

Night Street
Streets in Wuhan come alive around nine in the evening and Wuhan people like to invite friends to Ji Qing Jie street.

Bars and Pubs
It is said that Beijing has the most bars in China, Shanghai has the most graceful bars in China, and Wuhan, the most unique bars in China. After work, people invite friends to all sorts of bars and pubs throughout the city to spend their evening leisure time.



Address:  122 Luoshi Road,Wuhan,Hubei, P.R.China

Opening hours: 8pm till late


Dance Club

Address:  122 Luoshi Road,Wuhan,Hubei, P.R.China

Opening hours: 10pm till late



Address:  9th Zhongshang building- Nan road Wuchang District, Wuhan


Phone: 135 5444 0732

Opening hours: 10pm till late


Space Club

Address:  武汉•武汉七遇民宿武汉大学不夜店

Phone: 18871789801

Opening hours: 10pm till late


One Night A+ Night Club

Address: NO.208 Taichi Square, Wanda Hanjie,Gongzheng Road, Wuchang District

武昌 武昌区公正路万达汉街太极广场208号

Opening hours: 10pm till late


All star 

Address : 236,Li village, Lu Mo Road, wuhan


All star 2 

Address :908 xionchu street, Hongshan District, Hubei wuhan



Address: 148 Yanjiang Dadao, Hankou District, Wuhan

TEL: 02785722222

Opening  time:  20 to 2.00





SOHO 苏荷酒吧

  • Address: No.158, Lanling Road, Yanjiang Avenue, Jiang’an District
  • 江岸区沿江大道兰陵路158号

Bistro 98 Pub

  • Address: No.558, Jianshe Avenue, Jianghan District
  • 江汉区汉口建设大道558号

Vox Livehouse VOX酒吧

  • Address: Guoguang Mansion, NO.118, Lumo Road, Hongshan District
  • 洪山区武昌鲁磨路118号国光大厦

Yaohou Pub 妖后酒吧

  • Address: No.82, North Luoshi Road, Wuchang District
  • 武昌区珞狮北路82号